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  James L Senegal
-Profile aka  Zydeco Incorporated  
Zydeco Inc. or  Zydecoinc.net or TheHoodlumPriest.com 

The Greatest Louisiana Band Ever! You Must Have Put The Voodoo On Me - Yeah Man! Must See and Listen - http://www.ZydecoRadio.com

Powerful! God I Love You!

  History of the Kings and Queens of Louisiana  

The American Revolutionary war 1 and 2

The United States Health Care System Will be a Preventive Health Care System
 and will be paid 
first through the Oil and Gas of the Gulf Coast
 and all of the inland of the U.S.A all the way up into Canada. 
 And hopefully the World will Follow. 
 El Sistema de Salud de Estados Unidos será un sistema de atención de salud preventiva y se    pagará primero a través del Petróleo y Gas de la Costa del Golfo y todo el interior de los    EE.UU. hasta el final hasta en Canadá. Y espero que el mundo seguirá. 

Its Time For Truth and Change!!! 
We will be Kinder to YOU than YOU have been to US!
My Birthplace April 26,1951 - Grand Coteau, Louisiana: 

The first known land grant by the colonial Louisiana government was in 1776
in the area referred to as Prairie des Femmes.
I James L Senegal "The Old Guard" (O.G.) am Greatly/Deeply/Highly Honored, 
Grand Coteau, Louisiana. Louisiana,
The Roman Catholic and The Western World.
One Love! Never Give Up! Love Hugs and Kisses

24 hour shutdown by Facebook for the Nude Backside of a very beautiful Woman.

My Massage to Facebook:  

Eva Andressa - Facebook
 I James L Senegal Born in Grand Coteau, Louisiana April 26 1951 This is My Religious and GOD Given Rights and belief for the betterment of Humanity. STOP HATING! 
I'm a man that live my life as a Loving Heterosexual Christian from Roman Catholicism.
I do not believe personally only to have just one female partner for life. I believe women have the exclusive right to maintain their loving Sexuality bond between their Daughters and Sisters in life with GOD Through His Son Jesus Christ for the betterment of Mankind.
 *** You Can Not attain this level in life without HIM! *** 

The Human Body is Beautiful and it is Sexual and is given to us by our Creator GOD for the BEST reproduction of ourselves only if we don't Hate on what is!  Some people that are born in life that are not as gifted will find this difficult to deal with. I say to them you will find US much nicer to you, than you or they have been to US! Every human being has the inner strength to be the best they can be to produce the best in mankind. And That Only Can Be Attain by Love of GOD Through The Holy Spirit, Jesus Christ.
I James L Senegal Born in Grand Coteau, Louisiana April 26 1951 This is My Religious and GOD Given Rights and belief for the betterment of Humanity. STOP HATING! 

 The Heterosexual Man's Dreams and Lifestyle 

 You are Awesome Lovely and Amazing with That Beautiful Tan. 
One Love ! Never Give Up! Love Hugs and Kisses Letitia Ann and James L Senegal 
 Zydeco Inc Golf Health Fitness - ZiGHF.org 

I carried this magazine with my school books and suffered a whole lot of PAIN over this woman From Evil Jealousy and Hatred in a Soccer Game  
Peggy Fleming


  "Hire The Honorable Veteran"   
Why Hire A Vet

 A Baptist Christian and Muslim Minister's Message of LOVE and LIFE 
 The Pain of Being a Black Man in White America Part 12 and 3 

  Featured Videos 

"We the People" 

Ronald Reagan

James L Senegal
Portland, Oregon 1988 Picture taken by a great friend and co-driver (ANR sleeper operation) Larry Schneider.(Alternate Teamsters Stewards Local 63 ) 1983 - 1990 


   $$$Trucking, Biggest Contributors For My Retirement$$$  
  $$$Did this the First Time in School$$$ 


Twitter @GeorgeStrait @iamjamiefoxx @merlehaggard
Yes Jamie Fox. George Strait, Merle Haggard and Country Music is how

I Cover over a 1,000,000 miles in my Professional Driving Career
George Strait: ACM Artist of the Decade All Star (Full Concert & some)

Merle Haggard - Ramblin Fever

George Strait - Troubadour

"My/Our Contribution To The Republic of The United States of America"
1970 Drafted! But Enlisted early as Conscientious objectors before Drafted date with 1st Cousin Leetell Simonet 18 years old under the U.S. Army Buddy System.
James L Senegal & Leetell Simonet
18 years old.


James L Senegal born April 26, 1951 in Grand Coteau, Louisiana want to Thank The U.S. Army at Fort Polk, Louisiana - Video Overview - and Fort Rucker, Alabama.
The Veterans Administration  and all the notables links below for giving me the opportunity to be schooled in Logistics and able, to seek and work in the Trucking Industry for 25 Years. Thank you V.A!
OH Yeah! Thank You also
Teamsters for a secure 25 Years! Registered CB Handle - Mountain Goat


The Golf Clubs  U.S. Army   Junipero Serra   Don Bosco Tech  Boy Scouts  St. Malachy   Grand Coteau, LA.  

One Love! Never Give Up! Love Hugs and Kisses

Our thoughts and support are with Haiti.
The American Red Cross is Our Health Care Insurance Policy for Humanity!
Donate if you can! OR Volunteer Some Time!
Thru The Divine Grace of God. "Out Of The Ruins a Humble and Great People will Come"
I'm Committed for Life and After!

Prayerful thoughts and support for a better Haiti and all the volunteers around the World.


 Donate to TheGCLF.com 


 Charity for Scholarships - Historical Preservation  

 Charity for Seniors - Acadiana Louisiana Flood Relief 

  A Couples Spiritual Fitness Resort (Retreat) 

 A World Class Golfing Resort 

 with An Extensive Golf Practicing Facilities 

 One Love! Never Give Up! Love Hugs and Kisses 

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We Have To Make Tough Choices In Life!
Your Top Shelf Advocate & Consultant....smiles
James L Senegal aka www.Zydecoinc.net
100% Private and Confidential 
Pursuant to California Health and Safety Code Section 11362.5
REC. ID 0906 8724 0713 518 
Your Top Shelf Advocate & Consultant....smiles

For Chronic Pains, Hypertension, Sleep Management, 

 Relieve symptoms of ADD/ADHD 
How I took My Cholesterol Down from 230 - 175 in 6 Months 

 1 - Rio de Janeiro Brazil - 2    

Roy Carrier & The Night Rockers
"The Prince of Zydeco!"
Allons Dancer - Zydeco



And I Salute All Who Served and Sacrificed Their Lives for OUR!, Country's Preservation
( HomeLand ) and The Freedom Way of Life. In The Name of Jesus Christ' Amen..

Quiet Time                                                                                                                        
Be Still
This prayer is powerful, and prayer is one of the best gifts we receive.
There is no cost but a lot of rewards.
Let's always pray for one another.

The prayer:
Thank You Father for each and every day You have blessed us here on earth.
Thank You for Your tender mercies.
Thank You for giving us friends and family to share these joys with..
I ask You to bless my friends, relatives and those I care deeply for.
Where there is joy, give them continued joy,
Where there is pain, give them your peace and mercy.
Where there is self-doubt, release a renewed confidence.
Where there is need, fulfill their needs.
Bless their homes, families, finances, their goings and their comings.
Love - In Jesus' name, Amen..

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